Why You Need User Behavior Analytics Software for Your Website

Do you know how effective your website actually is? If not, then you need to put some user behavior analytics software in place. This software studies what visitors to your website do. It collects, measures, and analyzes their activity, thereby determining what really works, and what may need a little bit more attention.

What User Behavior Analytics Software Can Do

There are many things that this type of software can be used for, including:

Tracking behavior of visitors.
Tracking exit points.
Tracking bounce rates.
Tracking the effectiveness of content.
Tracking the effectiveness of marketing.
Tracking conversion and its obstacles.
How to Choose a Software Package

If you have decided that you need user behavior analytics software, you will also quickly find that there are lots of packages to choose from. Considerations to help you pick the right one include:

The size of your website. There is a huge difference in a 10 page site and a 1,000 page site. An ecommerce site that is highly dynamic needs more advanced features, for instance.

How reliable the package is. When you install this software, you share data from your website with a third party. If there are credit card or payment capabilities on your site, you may want to consider using server logs instead, so that other people’s financial data cannot be compromised.

How much it costs. Obviously, this matters because we all have a budget. However, cheap programs may at times offer cheap services. What you should look for is value for money, therefore.

How user friendly it is. If you can take advantage of a free trial, make sure you do. This ensures you can figure out whether you can really use the program and whether it does what you need it to dol.

The details it offers. You must know beforehand what you want the software to report on, and how detailed those reports need to be. The main consideration is whether you are most interested in the overall flow of visitors, or whether you want to know what each individual does. Most programs focus more strongly on one of those two elements.

Categories of Software

There are two main types of user behavior analytics software to choose from:

Real time software, which means all the statistics and data on visitors are updated the second they come to your website or do anything on your site.

Non-real time software, of which Google Analytics is an example, meaning it takes around 24 hours for the data to be update.

You need to consider what your business goals are so that you can find the right package for your website. Either way, you will find that you gain a much greater insight into how well your business is performing online and where you need to make some changes. The potential benefit this can offer in terms of overall business growth is tremendous and not be underestimated.

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