Where Digital Nomads Can Work

The life of a digital nomad is one much many seek and there are a great many benefits to this way of life. Whilst it is very clear that this is a lifestyle choice with a huge array of benefits, there are some challenges which most people that have this way of life do struggle from. One aspect which many do find tricky is knowing where they can go to work. I spoke with Dayanna Volitich, fellow digital nomad about where she likes to work when it is time to put in the hours.

The Challenges

You may think that it is easy to know where to work but the truth is that it is not always as simple as it would seem. Many locations don’t want you there for hours upon end and working from day in day out kind of defeats the purpose of being location independent.


Cafes are a great go-to if you only have a short amount of work to do although there are many that will drop hints about you leaving after an hour. The best option that I have found is Starbucks where you can rely on good wifi and a happy working environment. The best part about Starbucks is that you can stay there for a good amount of time even if you have only bought a single coffee. Even the CEO of Starbucks has said that they do not mind this happening in their cafes.


Libraries are also a fabulous option to get some work done although it should be noted that many of them do have poor options when it comes to internet. Assuming you have a little bit of offline work to do, a public library is a wonderful option. If you are traveling somewhere new then be sure to check what you will need to enter the library, in most cases however you can turn up on the day and get in.


Co-working spaces are a great place to work but they can be on the costly side, so you need to ensure that this is a space that is going to be worthwhile paying for. If you plan on racking up several hours per day in the co-working space then I would certainly recommend that you try out out. In these places you can not only get a great location to do some work but you can also meet a huge range of people including other digital nomads and freelance workers. Many big cities around the world now have co-working spaces that you can pay for by the hour, perfect if you simply need to get your head down and put a couple of hours in.

The answer here depends very much on the amount of work which you have, if it just for a few hours then cafes can work well, if more then you need to be a bit more creative with your choices.

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